Events Calendar

Audit and Risk Committee

The committee meets on a quarterly basis

Builder's Interest Group Forum

Anyone involved in the building industry is welcome to attend our first Forum for the year.

Community Funding Committee

The Community Funding Committee meets every month.

Council Meeting

The Manawatu District Council meets on regular intervals to make decisions about what needs to be done by the district for the benefit of its community and business.

Creative Communities Assessment Committee

The Creative Communities Assessment Committee meets twice each year to consider applications for funding from the Creative Communities scheme.

Developers’ Interest Group Forum

A forum for local property developers to gather and discuss current issues relating to property development

District Licensing Committee

The District Licensing Committee holds public hearings as and when required.

Hearings Committee

The Hearings Committee meets as and when required. The agenda for this meeting will be available from the following link three days prior to the meeting.

Joint MDC & PNCC Strategic Planning Committee

Joint MDC and PNCC Strategic Planning Committee meets whenever required

Ngā Manu Tāiko Manawatū District Council

Ngā Manu Tāiko Manawatū District Council meets every two months

Strategic Planning and Policy Committee

The committee meets on the first Thursday of each month.