Strategic Documents

District Plan 

District Plans, which are a legal requirement under the Resource Management Act, place controls on land use and subdivisions. They specify particular environmental outcomes that Council should aim for.

Annual Plan

The Annual Plan provides information on Council's budget and plans for the year, and explains any variations from the Long Term Plan.

Annual Report

The Annual Report sets out the overall financial picture of Council's operations for the year ending June 30.

Development Contributions Policy

The key purpose of the Development Contributions Policy is to ensure that growth, and the cost of infrastructure to meet that growth, is funded by those who cause the need for that infrastructure.

Feilding Urban Growth Framework Plan

The Feilding Framework Plan presents the results of strategic analysis of the needs and challenges for Feilding’s urban growth and development


Provides downloadable versions of the Code of Conduct and the Procurement Policy.

Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan (LTP) highlights the Council’s plans for the next 10 years.


Provide you with a course of action that has been adopted and proposed by Council.

State of the Environment

The State of the Environment Report provides a way of measuring the environment.


Provide you with Council's plan of action designed to achieve its long term goals.