Annual Plan

Council must prepare an Annual Plan for each of years 2 and year 3 of the Long Term Plan

An annual plan details what Council is planning to achieve in the coming financial year and how this affects your rates and Council’s financial position. 

Most of the planning was done as part of the Long Term Plan process, however the Annual Plan deals with any variations that have cropped up since the Long Term Plan was prepared.   If any of these variations are significantly different from what Council set out for that year in the Long Term Plan Council  is required to consult with our community on the proposed changes. 

If there are no significant differences to the Long Term Plan, there is no need to consult and Council must adopt its Annual Plan before the beginning of the next financial year.

This year we are working in year 1 of the Long Term Plan 2018-28 

Previous Annual Plans

2019-2020 Annual Plan (8.89Mb PDF Document)

2017-2018 Annual Plan (5.28Mb PDF Document)

2016-2017 Annual Plan (865kB PDF Document)

2014-2015 Annual Plan (880kB PDF Document)

2013-2014 Annual Plan (1.3MB PDF Document)

2011-2012 Annual Plan (11.1MB PDF Document)