Apply for your building consent online

(Posted on: September 1)


Manawatu District Council customers can now apply for their building consents online thanks to the new initiative, GoShift, which is set to transform the way applications are processed and managed in the district.

MDC is now one of eight councils that have tested the new service and after a successful pilot, the service is now available to all customers.

The new online service will allow applicants to submit their building consent applications via an online portal which eliminates scanning, printing and file management charges.

“Making applications online will be more convenient and cheaper for customers as they will not need to print the documentation.  It will also provide transparency for the customer by being able to track the consent through the portal ,” says MDC Regulatory Manager Karel Boakes.

 Ms Boakes says the council is already using the new standardised building consent application forms and the online service is the next stage in the initiative.

Council building and planning staff can help customers lodge their consent electronically from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Customers can still lodge their building consents manually, but will have to pay an added processing fee.

In the future, processing and inspection checklists will also be standardised and there will be a single, best practice quality management system.  

The online service is being provided by GoCouncil, a partnership between Master Business Systems (MBS) the developers of GoGet and Nuwave. MBS has more than 20 years of experience working with council building departments.

The link for all new customers to use the online service is