Celebrating two of Apiti's finest

(Posted on: July 10)

From left: Hilton Digby, Apiti Chairman including current Chair Ken Thompson. Front: Pat Prince

Last Thursday Mayor Helen in conjunction with MDC and the Apiti and district community came together to celebrate the outstanding contribution that two of its residents have made.

Pat Prince

A stalwart supporter of the Apiti Community -  Pat Prince can be described as a loyal, hardworking, reliable, and willing helper.

Pat started in her role as secretary on the Apiti Domain Board on the 14th day of March in 1974.

It is difficult to imagine on that day, that anyone, least of all Pat, would have foreseen that she would serve in this role for 44 continuous years. Through these years she has seen the committee transition to the Apiti Community Committee under the Manawatu District Council.

Pat has also served 20 years with unfaltering commitment in her secretarial role for the Apiti RSA.

These positions alone, stand as a significant contribution to the Apiti District.  However, Pat’s official duties represent only a fraction of the support that she continues to provide for these organisations.  Anzac biscuits, sandwiches, cups of tea, sewing, washing, cleaning, gardening, and organising.  If something needs doing, Pat will roll up her sleeves and just quietly get on with the job.

The Apiti School, the district Scout Movement, Library, Plunket, Busy Bees and the Apiti Museum have all benefited from her skills and tireless commitment. In each organisation Pat has been a willing volunteer and helper, often leading others to do the same. 

It has been commented that Pat Prince has a way of bringing people together and of getting things done, effective and efficiently.

Pat has served the Apiti community in an exemplary manner and MDC are humbled by her unwavering dedication to the district and want to say thank you.

"I haven’t minded a minute of doing anything for Apiti", Pat said. She was presented with flowers, certificate of appreciation and a gift as a token of our appreciation.

Hilton Digby

A man that stands true to his word, Hilton Digby is someone who will get things done.

For the past 9 years, Hilton has led the Apiti Community Committee as chairman.  He took on the role on the 12th day of February in 2008, following many years as a committee member.  Hilton has provided a safe forum for discussions and always makes sure that committee members have their say.

Quick to note problems that are arising in the area, Hilton has been a fantastic community representative in working with the Manawatu District Council. 

He has been described as firm, and committed to getting on with things and finding a way around any problems or obstacles along the way.

The Country Road- this is one of Manawatu’s hidden gems with the growing potential to be a well-travelled scenic route for NZ. This has Hilton’s energy and drive behind it. The tarsealing of the local roads and the improved signage for the Apiti district have also occurred with campaigning by Hilton’s committee.

Around the Apiti District there are many smaller indicators that Hilton has been at work.  Many community working bee hours have been logged under his expertise guidance.

Of note is Hilton’s passion for preserving and sharing the Apiti District’s history. With Hilton’s wealth of material and knowledge, it is evident that the Apiti Museum has enormous potential and the community looks forward to seeing this reopening.

"I’m looking forward to and excited about the next step that Apiti is going to go through", Hilton said. He was presented with a certificate of appreciation and gift.