Council to adopt Community Development Strategy

(Posted on: April 4)

Manawatū District Council is currently reviewing all of its community development activities, with the intention to move and adopt a new community development strategy that is relevant to our district and community.

Community development organisations are the backbone of this District- without them a vibrant, creative and passionate Manawatū would not exist.

 “The change and review is to identify what our community’s goals are and how Council can best go about achieving them,” says Mayor Helen Worboys.

“Do we need to be doing more to support our youth, our older citizens or our refugee and migrant communities? What social infrastructure do we need to encourage a safe,  connected and vibrant community?”

Council has started this process and will continue to focus on finding the best answers to these questions to establish exactly what our goals for future community development are going to be.

Our Council values the partnerships it has with its community development organisations and it is important to note that for the next 12 months the existing partnership funding arrangements will be continued.

This process will also ensure that Council resources match and support achievement of our new goals and strategic direction.

We want to make sure we have a good decision making framework in place, and that we are able to measure the progress we are making towards achieving our goals.

“This is an exciting piece of work for our community, which can only be achieved through a collaborative approach.”

The Community Development activity has been an explicit function of Council since 2003 by funding and supporting community organisations and individuals as well as community development initiatives at grassroots level.