Failing to apply for a consent results in $6500 fine

(Posted on: February 15)

Doubling the floor area of a Manawatū house without a building consent has resulted in a $6500 fine for Richard Easther.

The man was fined yesterday in the Palmerston North District Court for building without a consent.

Mr Easther carried out extensive renovation work on the property between 2011 and 2018 by adding a new kitchen, bedroom and covered deck area to the premises as well as renovations to the interior.   

Failing to apply for or obtain a building consent for the alterations under the Building Act 2004 is an offence, and one the Manawatū District Council takes seriously.

“The Building Act 2004 states that a person must not carry out any building work except in accordance with a building consent,” Compliance and Enforcement Team Leader Paul Greig said.

“Some building work is exempt from needing a consent such as some maintenance work, however the Council urges anyone undertaking any building work to check with their local Council prior to commencing the work to determine if a consent is required,” he said.

The Council are not able to ascertain that building work meets the building code if a consent is not obtained prior to the work starting and the necessary inspections carried out through the building process. This could leave some buildings unsafe or unsanitary.

“Unconsented building work may also cause problems for people later when they go to sell the property and may also affect insurance cover.”

Anyone undertaking building work without a consent can, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding $200,000.