Feilding’s design rules update

(Posted on: January 30)

As towns grow, the expectations of what they will look like and how they function changes.  We all have an idea of what we want it to be but we need your feedback! 

Our District Plan sets out rules that ensure that everyone knows what they can or can’t do.

The Council has approved Plan Change 51 to go out for public consultation.  This change to the plan allows about 256 hectares of rural land to be re-zoned to meet future demand for homes in Feilding.

The plan also updates a number of design rules for residential areas and subdivisions detailing things from floor and fence heights and what activities can be carried out in residential areas.

The rules will apply to future development of the area and we encourage anyone who is thinking about building to have a look at the plan and make a submission. 

The consultation will open late March.