Fireworks and Animals

(Posted on: October 29)

Fireworks and animals

Fireworks look good us, we enjoy the bright light and loud explosions, our animals on the other hand do not enjoy them.

Every year animals are injured, frightened or go missing due to fireworks. If you live near animals consider them and talk to the owner about your intentions, and if you own them plan ahead and keep them inside and safe.

Plan ahead by making sure your pet has company, is safe inside, and has proper identification.  Here are some other tips for pet and livestock owners;

  • Never let fireworks off close to animals
  • Stay home with your pet – they will be less stressed with someone they trust close by
  • Keep them indoors where the sights and sounds can be muffled. Turn on a radio or TV
  • Make sure your pet has a place they feel safe
  • Try a compression wrap for dogs, like a thunder shirt
  • Comfort your pet, be calm and reassuring
  • Never punish your pets when they are scared.
  • Move horses and farm animals away from fireworks. Make sure all fences are secure

Don’t forget small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs or chickens. Have them tucked away or even inside for the night.