Himatangi Beach update

(Posted on: September 7)

Nature has done it again and changed the direction of the stream at Himatangi Beach. It cut across the track and blocked access to the beach.

The big yellow toys were out there pushing and digging tonnes of sand to make a new channel to move the stream away from the dunes. This work will mean access to the beach can now be restored.

Following the recent work that has been done to divert the stream, a community planting morning has been planned for Saturday 15 September to plant up the new areas of exposed sand to stabilise the sites and lower the risk of further inland sand erosion. Council have ordered 2000 native grasses for this planting.

If you are out at Himatangi Beach please do help us to care and protect our dune environment by:

  • Using the marked access points only
  • Keeping to the formed tracks
  • Avoiding standing on the dune grasses
  • Not lighting any fires
  • No motorised vehicles on the dunes
  • Keeping animals off the dunes

Stable sand dunes will help safeguard the surrounding properties in the village.