Manawatū District Annual Plan 2019-20

(Posted on: April 18)

Crunching the information

The Manawatū District Council has achieved a lower than predicted rate rise, squeezing the increase down to 3.9 percent for its ratepayers.

An overall increase of 4.3 percent had been anticipated for the year but a number of adjustments enabled the Council to cap this at an overall rates increase of just 3.9 percent.

“As a Council we are pleased that we have been able to keep rates lower than we had anticipated for 2019/20,” Mayor Helen Worboys said.

The Council’s significant projects, and the budget to support them for the coming ten years were set out last year in the Long Term Plan 2018-28. This Annual Plan is year two of that plan and no significant changes have been made to the anticipated programmes and spending.

“In other words the Annual Plan 2019/20 is ‘business as usual’ and we are looking forward to getting on with it!”

“This means Council will not be consulting on the Annual Plan this year, which will save both time and money,” Mayor Worboys said.

As the Council will not consulting, there will not be the usual expected public submission period for projects.

“Rest assured however that any member of the public is welcome to bring their ideas, submissions and requests to the Council table for future consideration.”

The Council has also revised the way it manages community funding and is encouraging community groups and individuals to make their funding requests throughout the year. 

Planning is now underway for the 20/21 Annual Plan, so any requests for funding that do not meet the community funding criteria need to be submitted by 1 September 2019.

To find out how to make an application for Community Funding, to see what your annual rates will be, or to view the Annual Plan 2019/20, visit our website, our Council offices or the Feilding Library.