Manawatu man fined for fly tipping

(Posted on: December 5)

A Manawatu resident has been ordered to pay a total of $670 for the illegal dumping of tyres.

Dion Brice pleaded guilty at the Palmerston North District Court and was fined $250 and ordered reparation of $420 for dumping 84 tyres into a local drain on 15 July 2018.

Between November 2017 and July 2018 the Manawatu District Council received over 12 complaints relating to large amounts of tyres being dumped. In total, over 600 tyres were dumped over this period.

Compliance and enforcement team leader Paul Greig, said that the successful prosecution was a sign that the council would pursue all forms of illegal dumping in Manawatū.

“These sorts of practices not only cause significant damage to our environment but they cost the ratepayer too – the removal and disposal of the tyres amounted to $420.”

Anyone who witnesses fly tipping is encouraged to take photos of the offending or record a licence plate number and report these to the council immediately on 323 0000.