Manawatu's Long Term Plan determined

(Posted on: May 28)

Councillors hear submissions

Manawatū District Councillors have considered the 357 submissions received on the 2018-28 Long Term Plan (LTP).

The LTP sets out Council’s vision for the next 10 years, and determines what projects and services the Council will deliver and how they will be paid for.

At a two day Extraordinary meeting, the Council approved funding for key projects, based on submissions received on the LTP Consultation Document and hearings held earlier this month.

Mayor Helen Worboys said, "This LTP has created a lot of strenuous debate in the community, and also at the Council table with wide range of views being expressed. This shows us we have a passionate community and that we have a healthy democracy.”

“As expected we heard from those most likely to be affected.  Also as expected we did not hear from many ratepayers who would possibly benefit from the changes.”

Chief Executive Richard Templer said the LTP Consultation Document had proposed changing the District’s rate differentials.  However as a result of an significant response from the rural sector there will not be any change to the current rating system.

The effect of this is that the percentage rise for the general, roading and parks & reserves rates will be the same.

There were many suggestions from the community for projects that should be carried out.  Among them was the building of a walkway from Mt Taylor to Feilding and providing better walking access for Hiwinui School, both of which the Council approved.  The Council also confirmed; the harmonisation of Council storm water schemes, the construction of an extension of Turners Road funded from development contributions and the centralisation of village waste water schemes.

The outcome of the deliberations is  a rates increase of 4.8 per cent for the 2018/2019 year.  In addition Council revenue will grow by 0.2 per cent for increased levels of service relating to storm water and by 1.6% due to growth in the number of ratepayers in the District.

Dr Templer said the 357 submissions that were received on the LTP Consultation Document, provided guidance from the community on what they felt should be prioritised by Council during the next 10 years.

"We’re grateful to all those people who took the time to provide a submission, and to those who spoke to their submissions during hearings," Dr Templer said, “Council needs to hear from people, if they are to make the best decisions.”

The final Long Term Plan with the full financial implications, will be presented to Council on 28 June for adoption following an audit by Audit New Zealand.