New recycling and refuse services to be trialed

(Posted on: July 28)

24/7 Recycling Service

Manawatu District Council with the support of the Kimbolton Community Committee will be trialing a 24/7 recycling service from Monday 31 July 2017.

The venue will remain at the Kimbolton Refuse Transfer Station.

Note: Paper, cardboard, tins and cans recycling can be loaded into any container slot with the comingle signage. Bottle glass colour sorting is still required.

Refuse now accepted at the Kimbolton Transfer Station

Refuse disposed of on Sundays in the refuse acceptance area in Kimbolton is typically 99% composed of Council blue rubbish bags.

Therefore, from Monday 31 July 2017 the refuse acceptance area will be closed and instead a lidded refuse bin will be available in the 24/7 recycling area to hold all Council blue rubbish bags.         

For further information on these changes please contact the Manawatu District Council on  06 323 0000.