Online Resource Consent System for Council

(Posted on: June 12)

Last year, Council introduced an online building consent system that allows our customers to use standardised forms to prepare and lodge building consent applications online through a shared service with other Councils in New Zealand.

Following on from the success of this system and in keeping with Council’s aim and desire to streamline and continuously improve its services to the community and customers, MDC have embarked on implementing an online resource consent system.

Electronic Resource Consent System (eRCS) will allow:

  • Applicants to engage staff, consultants and other professionals and work with them collaboratively to prepare and lodge resource consent applications online.
  • Planning staff, consultants and agents to work collaboratively with applicants and other professionals to share all the documents with them; schedule pre-application meetings and prepare and lodge resource consent applications with supporting documents online.
  • Council to receive all the applications and supporting documents online, assess them and where necessary, assign conditions to the resource consents granted and monitor them online.

The first stage of implementation will involve Council undertaking a trial pilot for the online resource consent system limited to a select few of planning consultants.

It is anticipated that the trial will commence around Monday 25 June 2018 and is expected to go for a month, until the end of July.

The system will also have other optional features for different groups of users such as requesting and responding to quotes, generating invoices and making online payments etc. following a successful trial pilot.