Public Notice: Plan Change 51 Feilding Growth Precinct 4

(Posted on: May 1)




Pursuant to Clause 5 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act (1991), notice is hereby given of Proposed Plan Change 51 to the Operative Manawatū  District Plan.

Intent of the Plan Change:

The purpose of Proposed Plan Change 51 is introduce new objectives and policies for subdivision and development within the area defined as Growth Precinct 4 and to introduce a new District Plan Structure.  These changes are discussed below:

Growth Precinct 4

  1. Introduction of a new Chapter 8 Subdivision for Growth Precinct 4, including structure plan for the Growth Precinct 4 area. These provisions are specific to Growth Precinct 4 only.
  2. Introduction of a new Chapter 15 Residential Zone for the area defined as Growth Precinct 4, covering dwellings, fencing, non-residential activities, retirement living and multi-unit residential development.
  3. New definitions for: Commercial Activity, Essential Infrastructure, Growth Precinct 4, Home Occupation, Multi-unit Residential Development, Open Construction, Permeable surface, Retirement village
  4. Amending the definition of Assisted Living Accommodation.
  5. Inserting a cross reference in Chapter 3A to the new Chapter 8 Subdivision proposed policy 2.7 and Rule 8.4.1.g.i.
  6. Removal of the Feilding Locality Nodal Zone – Appendix 5A Diagram 1.
  7. Amending the Planning Maps to reflect the change of zoning from Rural and Recreation to Residential Zone and Recreation Zone near the Makino Stream.

Other Changes

  1. Introduction of the new District Plan structure introduced in Plan Change 46 throughout the entirety of the District Plan. This includes new headings, sections and page numbering.
  2. Introduction of a Part 1 and Part 2 to the District Plan to differentiate between reviewed chapters and un-reviewed sections of the Operative District Plan.
  3. The updating all cross referencing from page numbers in the Operative District Plan to chapters (in the new structure of the District Plan) or sections (which is the structure of the old District Plan).
  4. Update to the District Plan appendices so that numbering in new chapters introduced in the Plan are consistent.
  5. Minor amendments to Rules 3B.4.2 and 3B.4.3 relating to access to improve clarity and plan administration. These changes clarify that the new access standard applies only to Arterial Roads and to include the term 'location' along with new provisions for all roads. A related amendment is the introduction of a new rule to specify that formation and upgrading of vehicle crossings are to be in accordance with Council engineering standards.

Enquiries about Plan Change 51

Enquiries about Proposed Plan Change 51 can be made to Andrea Harris, phone (06) 323 0000 or e-mail

Viewing of Plan Change 51

Proposed Plan Change 51 is available for viewing at the following offices when these offices are open to the public:

  • Manawatū District Council, 135 Manchester Street, Feilding
  • Feilding Public Library, 60 Stafford Street, Feilding

Information on Plan Change 51 and submission forms are also available on the Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ website

Making a submission to Plan Change 51

Any person may make a submission on Plan Change 51 to the Operative Manawatū District Plan. Submissions must be in writing in the form prescribed (Form 5) in the Resource Management Act (Forms) Regulations (2003), including submissions via e-mail. Submissions lodged by way of email do not require a signature. The closing date for submissions to Plan Change 51 is 31 May 2019.

Submissions can be made directly via the Council's HaveYourSay website, or on the form available on the site or at the Council offices which must be lodged with the Council by one of the following options:

Posted/Faxed/Emailed to:                           or                            Delivered to:

District Plan Review                                                                        Manawatū District Council

Manawatū District Council                                                              135 Manchester Street

Private Bag 10-001                                                                         Feilding 4702

Feilding 4743                                                                                                                     

Fax No: (06)323 0822


Once the closing date for submissions has passed, all submissions received will be summarised and made available for public inspection. Certain persons wishing to support or oppose any of these submissions will be entitled to do so. Council will hold a hearing for the Plan Change to consider submissions that have been lodged and issue decisions on the matters raised. Anyone who has made a submission and indicated that they wish to be heard will have the right to attend the hearing and present their submission. On receiving notice of a decision on their submission, any person who disagrees with or is dissatisfied with the decision made may refer the decision to the Environment Court for further consideration.


Richard Templer


Signed for and on behalf of the


Dated: 1 May 2019