Regional resource recovery facility one step closer to becoming reality

(Posted on: April 4)

Artist impression of resource recovery facility

The construction of a new resource recovery facility in Feilding has taken another step closer to becoming a reality.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Provincial Development Unit has approved funding, through the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), to support an options assessment and business case to investigate the development of a viable commercial industry for the processing and reuse of plastic waste.

The $81,864 grant will enable the Manawatū District Council to undertake a feasibility study to investigate the development and installation of an innovative plastic processing and reuse industry in the district.

The facility would serve the wider regional demand for plastic disposal alternatives, and support the development of value-added market opportunities for reprocessed plastics reducing the need to stockpile or divert them to landfill.

Mayor Helen Worboys sees this as a positive project for the Manawatū and for the region.

“We have the opportunity to reduce the plastics being dumped or shipped offshore by making them into something that can be reused into innovative or higher value products.  This is good for the environment and the economy”.

“Our current facilities do not allow us to efficiently sort and recycle the amount of plastic waste that is being created, the market for simply sorted plastic’s is diminishing.  This facility will enable us to reuse the plastics rather than sending them away”.   

The Council has committed $3.45m in its Long Term Plan to the construction of the new resource recovery facility which will provide a significant opportunity to progress from basic plastics recovery and disposal, to the creation of a viable commercial industry through processing and reuse of plastic waste.

The business case is due to be presented to MBIE by 28 June 2019.