Revoking of Urban Fires Bylaw 2014

(Posted on: September 21)

The Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) Act came fully into force on 1 July 2018. As a result, the Manawatū District Council is no longer responsible for opening and closing fire seasons (i.e. fire bans) or granting fire permits for open air fires. The Manawatū District Council is still responsible for granting building consents for fireplaces.

Council was required to review its Urban Fire Bylaw to remove any matters that are now addressed in the FENZ legislation and are now the responsibility of FENZ. Following this review, and consultation with FENZ, the Manawatū District Council resolved at the 20 September 2018 Council meeting:

That in accordance with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017, the Council resolves to revoke the Urban Fires Bylaw 2014 in full.

People wishing to enquire about the fire season status or to apply for an open air fire permit should now contact FENZ via

It should be noted that FENZ is not responsible for managing nuisance smoke. Complaints about smoke from residential chimneys should still be directed to the Manawatū District Council.

Incidents of smoke nuisance from outdoor fires should be reported to Horizons Regional Council toll-free on 0508 800 800.