Should Manawatū District have Easter Sunday Trading?

(Posted on: September 21)

With an increasing number of businesses wanting to open on Easter Sunday and people expecting or wanting more commercial options, Council is asking if Manawatū shops should be able to trade on Easter Sunday.

An amendment to the law that direct shops to be closed on Easter Sunday has given Councils the option of allowing businesses to open.

Allowing Easter Sunday trading across the district is Councils preferred option, recognising the importance of the retail sector to the economy and removing inequalities where some shops in some areas can open to cater for tourists and visitors while others cannot.

Just because shops can open does not mean they have to open, and just because a shop opens does not mean an employee also has to work.  The law enables an employee to inform their employer that they do not wish to work without providing any reason.

Before Council decides, we want to hear from the community, businesses, workers and employers whether they support Easter Sunday Trading in Manawatū District.  Go to, find out more and tell what you think.  Submissions close on 23 October.