Take part in our waste themed film competition

(Posted on: August 8)

All schools and early childhood centres in the Manawatu district are invited to enter the ‘taking action in reducing waste’ short film competition which opened for entries on Monday.

Some of the categories included in the competition cover exploring the concept of waste in city and rural landscapes, how it affects us now and in the future, inventive solutions to reduce waste, and sharing examples of how schools and centres have reduced their waste.

Waste minimisation practices in schools, centres and the community are one of the core areas within the Enviroschools programme, supported by both Horizons Regional Council and Manawatu District Council. 

Enviroschools Manawatu facilitator Rowena Brown, along with Manawatu District Council solid waste and recycling officer David McMillan, proposed the film competition as a way to highlight issues surrounding waste in both urban and rural settings.

“The short film competition idea came from my Enviroschools workshops, where we’ve been looking at how to take action to reduce waste. Many schools and centres, not just Enviroschools, have strong waste practices which we are really keen to highlight,” says Ms Brown.

“The competition is a great way for schools and early childhood centres to get children thinking about the themes while hopefully creating life-long learning experiences.” 

Funding and administration support for the competition has come from Horizons Regional Council.

Prizes will be awarded for the best film in each category at early childhood, primary and secondary levels, with a special screening and prize giving event at Manawatu District Council at the end of October showcasing the winning films.

The competition is open to all Manawatu District schools and early childhood centres (this excludes Palmerston North City), and runs from 7 August to 9 October 2017. More information and entry forms are available to download from Horizons’ website www.horizons.govt.nz or email Rowena.enviroschools@gmail.com.

The Enviroschools programme aims to equip young people with the competencies they need to be leaders in sustainability resulting in long term behaviour change.  The Enviroschools vision is to create a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainability. The programme promotes the sustainable management of natural and physical resources by addressing issues relating to waste, water, energy, transport, and biodiversity.  There are 47 Enviroschools across the Region, covering early childhood, primary and secondary levels.