What Council has been discussing

(Posted on: September 10)

Council had a busy week with two meetings in two days.  The first was the Strategic Planning and Policy Committee on Thursday, the second on Friday was our oversight committee – Audit and Risk.

The Strategic Planning and Policy agenda was relatively short, with the main item being a notice of motion from Deputy Mayor Ford about whether Council should proceed or defer the consultation about Earthquake prone priority thoroughfares.

Originally Council had decided to begin the consultation on 6 September, however since that decision was made a deputation had been to visit Hon Minister Jenny Salesa to discuss how the current legislation would affect provincial towns.

As a result of that meeting MBIE has been working with Council to see if there were any changes that could be made to make earthquake strengthening more affordable on the District.

Following significant debate about the advantages and disadvantages of waiting  or proceeding Council decided to defer the consultation until early 2019.  The consultation is about identifying which streets in the  district are a priority due to the number of people that use them or if they are necessary for the movement of services following an earthquake.

Buildings on these streets, if they are identified as being earthquake prone, will then have seven and half years to be fixed or demolished.  Other buildings identified as earthquake prone will have fifteen years to be remedied.  Read Deputy Mayor Ford’s notice of motion on page 8 of the agenda.

The Audit and Risk committee meet to review the draft Annual Report that details how the Council has performed during the previous year.

Council has a number of key performance areas that it is required to meet, the draft report shows that it achieved 74% of them, and explains any reasons for non achievement.

It also details the financial management of council accounts for the rates it received from the District and how they were used to maintain essential services such as roads, water and waste, benefit and grow the community and its economy.

This report will now go to Audit New Zealand for checking to ensure that it is accurate, before it comes back to Council for adoption in October.  The draft report can be read on page 13 of the meeting agenda.