Stormy Point Lookout

Stormy Point is a very popular stopping point for travellers through the Manawatu District. Many people refer to the lookout as a ‘must see’ location to get a snap shot of what the Manawatu District is all about; extensive rural landscapes, agriculture, rivers and the mountains of the North island.

Feeling that you are "on top of the Manawatu" will reward you with spectacular views of the Rangitikei Valley, the Rangitikei River terraces, Mt Ruapehu and Mt Ngaruhoe. On a clear day, Mt Taranaki is also able to be seen.

Watch out for cyclists - this is a popular touring and training route.

Special Interest

Stormy Point is one of the best preserved sequences of river terraces in the world.


Stormy Point Lookout is located on State Highway 54 between Cheltenham and Rewa.