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Getting married in a park or reserve

If you're thinking about getting married at any council park or reserve, you need to let us know.


Fees are payable upon confirmation of your booking. We will refund the fee if rain means your event can't go ahead.

Fees and Charges 

Using a sports field

Sports fields are available for your enjoyment.  If you need a sports field for an organised sporting event, tournament, fundraiser or other event, please contact council office for booking application.  

Seasonal bookings by sporting organisations are common, however we will endeavour to facilitate other events.

 If you require access to facilities such as changing rooms, please advise us at the time of booking.

Liquor in a public place

If you are getting married in a public place, a toast is generally fine. However we advise you to talk to the council's liquor licencing staff.

If you intend to supply or sell liquor at an event on a council park or reserve, refer to the Public Places Liquor Control Bylaw or talk to council's liquor licensing staff first to clarify what you are allowed to do.

Application forms and documents

Please complete an application form and return to Council when you want to use a council reserve, park or sports ground. For further information contact Council on 06 323 0000.

Application form

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