Kitchener Park Trust

Council proposed in its 2012/22 Long Term Plan, setting up a Trust to progress the restoration and development of Kitchener Park. 

The proposal to establish the Trust was included in the 2013/14 Draft Annual Plan and subject to the Special Consultative Procedure. 

The Draft Annual Plan described the responsibilities of the Trust.  It also detailed Council’s commitments to Kitchener Park and the Trust.

Kitchener Park Trust is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO).  A Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) is any organisation in which one or more local authorities own or control 50% or more of the voting rights or have the right to appoint 50% or more of the directors of the organisation.  In light of the nature and the small scale of the Trust operations Council will apply for exemption from the CCO reporting requirements.  

Role of Council

Council shall provide the strategic direction for the development of the park through the Long Term Plan and Reserve Management Plan.   Kitchener Park Trust will be able to have input into both of those strategic documents.

Council’s parks and reserves maintenance contractors, Fulton Hogan, will continue working at Kitchener Park whilst the Trust is established.

Role of Kitchener Park Trust

Kitchener Park Trust shall be responsible for achieving the Trust’s objectives and managing the Park’s day to day operations.

Objectives of Kitchener Park Trust

  • To assist in the ecological restoration, management and enhancement of the land at Kitchener Park;
  • To steer and co-ordinate the raising of funds to assist the restoration, management,  enhancement, promotion and further development of the land at Kitchener Park;
  • To encourage community access to Kitchener Park, and foster knowledge of and interest in the ecological restoration activity at Kitchener Park;
  • To ensure the continued protection and restoration of Kitchener Park where possible and restore biodiversity values;
  • To create a safe haven for native plant and animal species, controlled for plant and animal pests;
  • To collaborate with other relevant organisations and individuals to reintroduce locally extinct or threatened plant and animal species, to ensure their long term survival;
  • To develop self-sustaining threatened species populations which will act as source populations for the creation of future community restoration projects in the Manawatu District;
  • To care for some special collections, including the podocarp, epiphyte and lichen collections presently established at Kitchener Park;
  • To support scientific and historic research of the Kitchener Park ecosystem or components thereof;
  • To educate the general public, especially school children, about the need to conserve and protect native forest environments in New Zealand.