Coastal Reserves

The management plan (Adobe.jpgcovers a number of issues.  One of them being to protect coastal dunelands at Himatangi Beach and floodplain lands at Tangimoana by incorporating these reserves into a coastal regional park extending from Foxton Beach to Tangimoana.

Himatangi Beach

An important aspect of the plan is protecting the dunes at Himtangi Beach to increase their role as a buffer between the sea and the township.  It also covers developing the recreation area between the community hall and the camping ground and improving the walkway network.


The coastal settlement of Himatangi Beach is located 7 kilometres from State Highway 1, a half hour drive from Palmerston North.


Much of the reserve at Tangimoana is part of the flood channel zone of the nearby Rangitikei River, which due to its gravel based bed is constantly shifting laterally across the land.  The main purpose of the reserves in Tangimoana is to act as a buffer between the township and the movement of the river.


The settlement of Tangimoana lies on the southern bank of the Rangitikei River near the mouth.