Kowhai Park

Kowhai Park

Kowhai Park covers 10.2ha and is managed by the Council. It is one of the Manawatu District Council’s premier or “flagship” reserves and as such has many functions for the community.

The key components of the Park include:

  • A heritage management area: including the historic former racecourse main entrance gates and the Old Tote building;
  • A “village green” area which includes the cricket ground;
  • A gardens management area which includes the native bush, the Makino Stream, gardens, bush walks and rose gardens.
  • Children’s play areas.


The "sports" part of this park is the home of Feilding Cricket.

In 1908 the Feilding Cricket Club set about laying a cricket field. The cricket ground was neglected during WWI but in 1919 the Park Cricket Club applied to the borough council for use of the land - an application that saw the ground ploughed up, levelled and resown in 1922 thanks to a fundraising campaign.

Other Events

This park is also a popular meeting point for a variety of informal sports clubs.

It is adjacent to Manfeild Park to the east and south. Manfeild Park is a large multi-purpose events complex that is used for equestrian events (including the Manawatu and Feilding A & P Shows) agricultural field days, motor racing and other large events.

Location Map

Kowhai Park is situated on South Street on Feilding’s southern urban boundary.