Sandon Cemetery

Council has received a number of enquiries in relation to the spelling of the Sandon Cemetery which has caused some confusion.

Although located near the outskirts of Sanson, the Sandon Cemetery is located in an area known as the Sandon Block contained on the Oroua Survey Map. The Sandon Block covers many square miles in an area reaching from north of Sanson and east of the Rangitikei River through to the environs of Feilding.

The history behind the creation of the Sandon Block stems back to the wars in Taranaki where men who served in the Army were given scrip which later could be exchanged for land. The Government brought in legislation prohibiting the use of scrip to acquire land in a township area. It therefore drew provisional boundaries on maps still virginal and proclaimed the enclosed areas as towns with names. Sandon was one of those towns and although a town was never built there, the town of Sandon still remains on survey maps today. Council has continued with that history by retaining the original name of the Sandon Cemetery.

Note: The arrow marker is where the cemetery is. If there is no arrow marker, the A-marker-marker is where the cemetery is.

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