Viewing a Resource Consent File

If the information you need isn’t yet available electronically, the file you wish to view will be scanned and we will contact you as soon as the information is available online.

If you just want a particular document, for example a submission, you can specify this on the form. This information can then be directly emailed to you, if you choose. Please bear in mind that while we can email these individual documents, it is unlikely we could email you the entire contents of a property file, due to the electronic file size.

Requests for very large resource consent file/s with multiple volumes, or requests for resource consent files will be handled separately to ensure smooth and timely processing of all requests.

You can also choose to view the information at our offices once it has been scanned, or to have the information copied to a CD for you. Viewing the information electronically is free, but there will be a charge for a CD, payable prior to receipt of the CD, which you can choose to collect at our office.

Request to view a Resource Consent file