District Licensing Committee

Manawatu District Licensing Committee

Contacting us: manawatudlc@mdc.govt.nz

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act) requires territorial authorities (TAs) to establish a district licensing committee (DLC). TAs can have more than one DLC for their area. DLCs will be committees of the TA and replaced district licensing agencies (DLAs) on 18 December 2013.

Manawatu District Council have established one District Licensing Committee

The role of DLCs

DLCs will decide applications for:

  • new and renewed licences and managers’ certificates, regardless of whether these are contested
  • temporary authorities and temporary licences
  • variation of licences, and
  • most enforcement action for special licences

Contested applications are applications opposed by licensing inspectors, Police or Medical Officers of Health, or objected to by members of the public. Only people with a greater interest than the public generally can object to licence applications.

DLC membership

Each DLC will have a chair (either an elected member or a commissioner), and two members appointed from the list of people approved by the TA to sit on its DLC(s). Two or more TAs can establish a joint list.

List members must have experience relevant to alcohol licensing matters but cannot be:

  • people who may be biased due to involvement in the alcohol industry, or
  • constables, Medical Officers of Health, inspectors and employees of that TA

Manawatu DLC membership list






R J Titcombe

19 November 2013

19 November 2018


Barbara Cameron

19 December 2013

19 December 2018


Jo Heslop

19 December 2013

19 December 2018

Member Clive Asplin 20 March 2014  20 March 2019
Member John Baxter 20 March 2014 20 March 2019