Dog Exercise Areas


Dog Exercise Areas

Dogs are permitted unleashed, but supervised in the following locations:

  • TIMONA PARK: along the riverbank and edges of the park
  • MANFEILD PARK: the whole park except for the skate board area and playground, but not when the park is being used for an activity
  • RAILWAY LAND: along both sides of the railway corridor through Feilding
  • JAMES PALMER PARK: the entire area
  • HIMATANGI BEACH: all parts of the foreshore, 400m away from the Kaikopoku Stream.

Other places (except for when stock is grazing):

  • Pohangina Valley Road Lookout
  • Mt Stewart Reserve
  • Bartlett Ford Reserve
  • Menzies Ford Reserve
  • London's Ford Reserve
  • Rangiwahia Reserve
  • Raumai Reserve
  • Pohangina Reserve
  • Pakihikura Reserve: old school grounds
  • Rewa: old school recreation grounds
  • Vinegar Hill Reserve
  • Sanson Reserve (except for when fields are being used)

When stock is grazing in any of the above sites, dogs must be on a leash.

Dogs are permitted in the following locations on a leash:

  • Victoria Park
  • Kitchener Park
  • Almadale Reserve