Dog Exercise Areas

Timoana Park










Dog Exercise Areas

Dogs are permitted unleashed, but supervised in the following locations:

  • Timona Park - along riverbank and edges of  the park.
  • Manfeild Park - Whole park except skateboard area.  But not when park is being used for an activity.
  • Railway Land - along both sides of the railway corridor through Feilding, (Green Spine).
  • James Palmer Park - entire area.
  • Himatangi Beach - all parts of foreshore, 400m away from the Kaikopoku Stream.

Other Places - (* except when stock is grazing and then dogs must be on a leash)

Dogs are permitted in the following locations on a leash - (* not on playing field)


Prohibited Places for Dogs


  • Dundas Road - From Burt Street to Cemetery Road.
  • Sanson Domain - when playing fields used for organised sports

Himatangi Beach

  • Beach All parts of the foreshore within 400 metres of the Kaikokopu Stream, except that dogs on a leash may pass through the area to any undesignated area.
  • Children’s playground - Entire area




Other Places



  • All cemeteries in the District

Dog Refuse Bins Locations

  • Grey Street and Church Street
  • Victoria Park - Leithbridge Street
  • Corner North Street and Leithbridge Street
  • Victoria Park - West Street
  • Manfeild Park - Rata street
  • Walkway entrance to Manfeild Park
  • Totally Vets - Manchester Street 
  • Corner East Street and Haybittle Street
  • SPCA - Awa Street
  • Timona Park near Poole Street entrance
  • Timona Park - Campbell Street entrance
  • Timona Park - Simon Street entrance
  • Corner Kimbolton Road and North Street (outside BP Kimbolton)
  • James Palmer Park - Sherwill Street entrance
  • Sanson Walkway - Cemetery Road
  • Sanson Domain
  • Bunnythorpe Domain
  • Himatangi Beach - Outside Camping Ground


Page revised Jun 2016