Dog Registration

Registering Your Dog

Registration of any dog is compulsory throughout New Zealand. 

Every Territorial Authority keeps a register of all dogs registered within its area. This data is also recorded on the National Dog Database. 

Dogs must be registered from the age of three months old. 

Registration is due annually on 1st July and it is up to the dog owner to apply for registration without first being invoiced.

When you have completed your registration form, please return it to Council with the corresponding payment or payment details.

Dog Registration Information Brochure 2017-18 (400KB pdf) 

Application to Register a Dog 2017-18 (411 KB pdf)

(Please note that refunds are only applicable if your dog has died).


Dog registration fees are set annually and apply from 1 July to 30 June of each year.

Fees and Charges 2017-18


On 1 July 2006, it became compulsory for all new dogs to be microchipped in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996, with the exception of working dogs.  This includes any dogs that have never been registered and dogs classed as menacing. 

Once your dog is microchipped, please ensure that you provide Council with the microchip number.

Microchipping Brochure (230KB pdf) 

If you require further information on microchipping, contact your local vet or contact Manawatu District Council.

Change of Details

If you have had your dog desexed, your dog has died or you rehome your dog, please advise Council using the declaration form below. 

Spayed / Neutered / Transferred Declaration Form (85KB pdf)

Achieving Selected Ownership Status

Applications for Selected Ownership Status will be taken between 1 July and 31 March. If approved, the fee reduction will take effect the following registration year.

A reduced fee applies to neutered or spayed dogs, working dogs and dogs belonging to selected owners. 

The selected owner system aims to provide an incentive within the registration fee structure that promotes responsible dog ownership. 

The fee structure rewards dog owners who:

  • Adequately fence their section
  • Neuter or spay their dog
  • Have a good record of dog ownership
  • Register their dog before the due date
  • Care for their dogs properly, e.g. provide them with a secure yard and a kennel that is weatherproof, of sufficient size, clean, and sanitary

Selected Owner & Multi Dog Permit Application(631KB)

Approved applicants who have not registered their dog(s) by 1 August in any registration year, or have on going complaints shall have their approval revoked.

Permission to Keep More Than Two Dogs

You will require Council consent to keep more than two dogs on a property, unless they are classified as 'working' dogs.

Approved applicants who have not registered their dog(s) by 1 August in any registration year, or have on going complaints shall have their approval revoked. 

Application for Registration as a Selected Owner / Permission to keep more than two dogs (587 KB pdf) 

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Reviewed Aug 2015