Building Inspections

When you submit a building consent application, the Building Officer will identify all necessary inspections for the work proposed.New_Housing_Feilding_046.jpg

Inspections are carried out to ensure that the building work is in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.

A full paper set of building consent documentation including ALL plans, specifications, and the building consent is to be maintained on site at all times. The documentation must be to the original scale and available to the building officer at the time of all site inspections.  Failure to provide properly legible documentation in the correct scale will result in a failed inspection with the requirement that the inspection must be rebooked at the owners cost.     

What hours/days do the Council Inspectors inspect?

Monday to Friday - 8.15am to 4.30pm.

How to book an inspection

Please contact the Building Services team to book an inspection on 06 323 0000 or through the GoBuild phone app (download from your app store).

The following information is required when making a booking:

  • The address at which the inspection is to take place.
  • The Building Consent number of the project and whether there is an outstanding rectification.
  • Name and phone number of the contact person who will be on site.
  • The date and time required for the inspection.
  • The type of inspection required, e.g., plumbing, drainage, foundation, piles, pre-slab, pre-line completion, and whether it is a residential or commercial property.

Guide to Building Inspections (600kB Adobe.jpg)

What happens if the Inspector fails an inspection?

The Inspector will issue a Site Instruction Notice to the owner and/or builder. Our Building Inspector will advise what work is needed to comply with the approved plans and the Building Code.

In serious cases the Inspector may consider it necessary to issue a Notice to Fix.

What is a Notice to Fix?

A Notice to Fix is a legal document issued where a contravention of the Building Act or non-compliance with the Building Code has occurred.

A Notice to Fix may require all or part of the building work to cease immediately.

Remedial work must be completed within a time frame specified by the Building Officer.

Infringement Notices

Infringement notices are issued by a Building Officer for serious offences under the Building Act 2004. Infringement fines range from $250 - $2000.

Further information

For further information or advice, please contact the Building Services Team on 06 323 0000 or e-mail at the Manawatu District Council.