Building WoF

As a property owner, you are responsible for the safety and sanitation of your buildings. Systems and features such as fire alarms, lifts and air-conditioning require ongoing monitoring and maintenance.  The building owner responsibilities can be found on the MBIE website managing buildings pages

Where a compliance schedule has been issued for a building, the owner must provide a building warrant of fitness (BWoF) every year to verify that specified systems are in working order. This is a statutory declaration made by the building owner that the requirements of the compliance schedule have been carried out for the preceding year. For the first year, you must display the compliance schedule statement in a public place in the building.

Every year after that you must:

  • Issue a Building Warrant of Fitness. First, ensure that all requirements of the compliance schedule have been satisfied. They will include inspections by an independently qualified person (IQP) for each of the system's features.
  • Display a copy of the BWoF. This must be displayed in a public place in the building.
  • Send BWoF and independent qualified person/licensed building practitioner (IQP/LBP) certificates to the Council. The original BWoF must be accompanied by all IQP 12a certificates required by the compliance schedule.

Record keeping

As well as inspections by independently qualified people, building owners need to do regular inspections. You'll need to keep the following records for two years for auditing purposes:

  • inspections by independently qualified people
  • inspections by the owner
  • the compliance schedule.