Owner Responsibilities

You must display the Compliance Schedule Statement in a public place in the building for the first year.

Every year after that you must:

  • Issue a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF). To do this, you must ensure that all requirements of the Compliance Schedule have been satisfied. This will include inspections of each system's features by an independently qualified person (IQP).
  • Display a copy of the Building Warrant of Fitness in a public place in the building.
  • Send Building Warrant of Fitness and Independent Qualified Person/Licensed Building Practitioner (IQP/LBP) certificates to the Council. The original Building Warrant of Fitness must be accompanied by all IQP 12a certificates required by the Compliance Schedule.

In addition to inspections by independently qualified persons, the owner is often required to perform inspections at regular intervals.

You must keep records of the following and produce them when requested for audit purposes:

For a flow chart view of the above information, click below on the "Five easy steps for commercial buildings owners".

Further information

For further information or advice, please contact the Building Services Team at the Manawatu District Council.