Common Building Consent Questions/Queries

How long does it take?

Council has a statutory requirement to process the Building Consent in 20 working days from receipt of application. The "clock" starts when the application is loaded onto our system.  The 20 day timeframe does not include "clock off" days where we have suspended the application and requested further information.

A Council staff member will telephone the nominated Contact Person and advise when the Building Consent is ready.

After the balance of fees (if any) are paid, Council staff will forward the Building Consent in the requested manner.

Suspensions - what are they?

Processing of a Building Consent may be suspended where Council staff find that relevant application information is missing or is incorrect. The processing Building Officer will contact the nominated contact person/applicant and advise of the additional information required.

Once you have supplied the additional information, the suspension status is lifted and the statutory processing time clock recommences. That is, for every day an application is suspended the due date for processing goes forward by one day.

Amendment to a Building Consent

After the consent is issued, if you wish to change some aspect of the project you must apply for an amendment to the Building Consent before the work is carried out.

The process for obtaining an amendment is the same as obtaining the original consent.

You must submit an amendment using the application for Amendment to a Building Consent form with the relevant plans and documentation.

Minor Variation

A Minor Variation is when a minor modification, addition or variation to a Building Consent does not deviate significantly from the plans and specifications.

Listed below are some examples:

  • Substituting comparable products i.e. (Substituting one internal lining for a similar internal lining).
  • Minor wall bracing changes.
  • A minor construction change i.e. (Changing the framing method used around a window).
  • Changing a rooms layout.

If the work meets the requirements of Minor Variations, the Council will document the agreed changes on the Building Consent file. No formal amendment application will be required

Amendment Application Form  (964kB Adobe.jpg)  (select amendment option)

Code Compliance Certificate

This is the certificate issued by the Council or a Registered Building Certifier to signify the end of a building process. It states that the building work complies with the Building Consent. As the owner, it is your responsibility to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) after all building work covered by the Building Consent is complete. You need to submit the application form for the Code Compliance Certificate that is included in the Building Consent information pack given to you as the owner.

 Code Compliance Certificate Application Form (396kB Adobe.jpg)

Certificate of Acceptance

If you have completed work that required a Building Consent without first obtaining one, you cannot apply for the Building Consent retrospectively.

Instead, you may be able to apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (290kB Adobe.jpg).

A Guide to Unauthorised Building Work

Guide to altering existing buildings

This link helps you determine the requirements for proposed alterations to existing buildings, whether earthquake prone or not, and how these can be met.

Guide to altering existing buildings