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Apply for your building consent online


Manawatu District Council customers can now apply for their building consents online thanks to the new initiative, GoShift, which is set to transform the way applications are processed and managed in the district.

MDC is now one of eight councils that have tested the new service and after a successful pilot, the service is now available to all customers.

The new online service will allow applicants to submit their building consent applications via an online portal which eliminates scanning, printing and file management charges.

“Making applications online will be more convenient and cheaper for customers as they will not need to print the documentation.  It will also provide transparency for the customer by being able to track the consent through the portal ,” says MDC Regulatory Manager Karel Boakes.

 Ms Boakes says the council is already using the new standardised building consent application forms and the online service is the next stage in the initiative.

Council building and planning staff can help customers lodge their consent electronically from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Customers can still lodge their building consents manually, but will have to pay an added processing fee.

In the future, processing and inspection checklists will also be standardised and there will be a single, best practice quality management system.  

The online service is being provided by GoCouncil, a partnership between Master Business Systems (MBS) the developers of GoGet and Nuwave. MBS has more than 20 years of experience working with council building departments.

The link for all new customers to use the online service is

Plumbing, Gasfitting & Drainlaying

Sorting the pros from the cons

With housing activity showing little signs of slowing down, the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board are reminding all homeowners who are embarking on home renovation projects of the costly repercussions when using the wrong people in the job.

Choosing the right tradespeople when building or renovating and knowing what's legal and what's not is an important thing to think about as a homeowner.

Your home has a complex network of pipes and fittings that combine high pressure, high temperatures, gas, electricity and other hazards. Ask to see a tradesman's qualified tradesman card before any work is carried out on your home.

For more information visit the website

Visit this video link

Updated Building Consent Application Forms

Simpler, Faster Building Consents

GoShift is a partnership between central and local government to improve performance, consistency and levels of service across the building consent system.

People who want to build will have better experiences with their local councils because GoShift is creating:

  • standardised and aligned processes (eg forms, templates, checklists)
  • shared online services, data and resources
  • a single, best practice, quality management system.

Currently this involves councils in central New Zealand, from Bay of Plenty in the north to Nelson at the top of the South Island.

The longer term goal is a unified national approach that will make it easier and faster to get a building consent, no matter where you live and work

From 1 Dec 2016 Manawatu District Council is using GoShift forms for it's building consent process.  The forms can be found via links on our building consents pages.

For more information about Goshift visit

WorkSafe NZ

Fact Sheets, Guidance and Information

WorkSafe NZ provides a wide range of information and guidance about health and safety in the workplace. This includes guidance and information applicable to the construction industry.

Fast Track Building Consents

Processed in ten working days

Manawatu District Council provides a Fast-Track Consent process for fixed-fee building consents.

The Fast Track Consent process allows low risk and minor building work to be appraised, processed and granted in a timely and more efficient manner. The consent applications for minor work on properties in the Manawatu district are processed within ten working days rather than the standard of up to twenty working days.

The ten day processing starts from the day a Fast Track Consent is accepted. All required information, documentation and fees must be received before the Fast Track Consent application will be accepted and processed.

The following building work is covered by the Fast Track Consent process:

  • Fireplaces
  • Demolitions
  • Carports / Pergolas / Sheds
  • Garages
  • Signs
  • Conservatories
  • Minor Building Work (under $20,000 in value)

View the full list of Fast-Track / Fixed-Fee Consents, and the costs for application via these links: Building Consents and Fees and Charges