Individual copies of these bylaws can be downloaded from the links provided below or a full copy from the following link: Manawatu District Bylaw - December 2015

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Animal Bylaw 2014

Aims to ensure that the Keeping of Animals within the Manawatu District does not create a Nuisance or endanger the health of the public.

Cemeteries Bylaw 2014

Aims to provide for the efficient management and maintenance of cemeteries under the Council’s control

Dog Control Bylaw 2014

To give effect to the Dog Control Policy 2014 by setting minimum standards for the Keeping and control of dogs to ensure this does not create a Nuisance or a threat to public health and safety.

Drainage Bylaw 2015

Aims to manage, regulate and protect from misuse or damage the Public Wastewater and Stormwater Systems defined as the Public Drainage Network.

Explanatory Bylaw 2014

To identify and define terms and expressions common to and used in all Bylaws that come into force after the commencement of this Bylaw, except as may be expressly provided otherwise.

Freedom Camping Bylaw 2014

Aims to regulate Freedom Camping in the Local Authority Areas and its effect on the community and environment.

Objectionable Signs Bylaw 2014

To ensure that Advertising Signs, particularly those associated with Commercial Sexual Premises, do not cause a Nuisance or serious offence to the public and also to maintain amenity standards.

Public Facilities (Swimming Pool & Library) Bylaw 2014

Aims to ensure the full and proper use and enjoyment of any Swimming Pool and Library in the control of Council through effective and safe management of such facilities.

Public Places Bylaw 2015

To ensure the use of Public Places in a manner that will not cause any nuisance or endanger the public; and ensure that the consumption of alcohol occurs in a safe and responsible manner.

Solid Waste Bylaw 2015

Aims to promote and deliver effective and efficient waste management and minimisation in the District.

Street Users Bylaw 2014

To regulate the activities (including the sale of goods and services) of Street Users to protect, maintain and promote public health and safety and to protect the general public from Nuisances.

Trade Wastes Bylaw 2015

Regulates the discharge of trade waste to the public wastewater system.

Traffic Safety and Road Use Bylaw 2015

Aims to regulate parking and control of vehicle traffic and droving and control of stock on roads in the district.

Urban Fires Bylaw 2014

With the introduction of Fire And Emergency NZ, Manawatu District Council no longer has responsibility for fire management including permitting and has revoked its Urban Fires Bylaw.

Water Supply Bylaw 2015

Aims to ensure a safe and efficient public water supply; manage and regulate the Council's water supply and protect public water supply infrastructure.