Rongotea Water Supply Scheme


Construction on the Rongotea Water Scheme is about to start.

An open day is to be held at the Te Kawau Recreation Centre Saturday 23 November. Feel free to pop along and talk to us about the scheme in more detail.

For a number of years, the Manawatu District Council (MDC) has been investigating – at the community’s request – a community water supply for Rongotea.

In 2008, the Council made an application for funding under the Ministry of Health’s Drinking-Water Assistance Programme to help with the construction of the scheme. Funding was secured in 2010 and property owners were consulted on their level of support. Feedback from the April 2010 referenda indicated 37% support for a compulsory scheme. Community feedback to Council following the poll indicated that the biggest objection to the scheme was the compulsory requirement for all to contribute financially. A further referendum in August 2010 was held to determine community support for a voluntary water supply supply scheme and of those who responded, 71% voted in favour.

Council approved the scheme on a voluntary basis – property owners could choose whether they wanted to connect to it or not.

A number of changes were made to the Ministry of Health’s programme. Council was advised in August 2013 that the total estimated cost of the scheme had been reduced from $2.96m to $2.46m but the original subsidy had been reduced by around $700,000 to $1.65m.

The scheme has progressed to the stage where tenders for the drilling of the production bore, the construction of the reticulation and the reservoir and the design and construction of the water treatment plant (WTP) have been or are about to be awarded. The Council has also purchased the former Te Kawau Bowling Clubhouse site in Wye Street as the location for the bore, reservoir and the WTP.

Construction is expected to start before Christmas 2013 and the scheme to be up and running by the end of next year. Property owners who opt to join the scheme will then be able to connect to it.

An information sheet has been sent to all Rongotea property owners, which outlines progress to date. It is available for download below.

Rongotea Water Scheme Information Sheet

Connection to the scheme is voluntary

As a ratepayer in Rongotea, you choose whether or not to connect your household to the new town water supply. By making the scheme voluntary, we’re leaving it up to you to decide whether this is something your household is keen and able to do.

If you decide not to join, you won’t have to pay any costs towards the scheme.

The whole community benefits

The Rongotea Water Scheme will enable properties in Rongotea to benefit from a safe and reliable supply of drinking water. Sourcing water from a deep bore provides a good buffer against water shortages and the Regional Council guarantees priority use for community water supplies under its water allocation policy during drought periods. The scheme also provides water or fire fighting purposes throughout the township.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the scheme is $2.46m. It is funded by the Ministry of Health subsidy and targeted rates for those properties that connect to the scheme. A number of payment options are available ranging from a one-off lump sum payment or spreading payments across a 3, 5, 10 or 20 year period. A breakdown of these options is provided below:



Annual repayment incl GST

(based on four rating instalments per year) 

 One-off lump sum payment

 $3,962 if paid before 30 June 2015

 3 years


 5 years


 10 years


 20 years


These payment options are for residential properties whose owners commit to joining the scheme before 16 January 2015. Commercial properties will also be required to pay for the cost of installing larger connections, backflow preventers and water meters where applicable. Fees for connecting to the scheme after 16 January 2015 will be set out in the 2014/15 Annual Plan.

For further information please contact the Manawatu District Council Project Manager, Mike Fletcher, on 06 323 0000 or email