Frequently Asked Questions

About the Rongotea Water Scheme project

Do I have to connect? No. The scheme is voluntary so you choose whether to connect or not.

When do I start paying? You start paying when you are connected.

Do I pay anything if I do not connect? No. If you do not connect, you do not pay anything.

Does the scheme make provision for fire fighting? Yes. The system has been designed for one hour’s fire fighting flow.

When does the subsidy end? To be eligible for the subsidy an owner must op to join the scheme by 16 January 2015. Anyone who chooses to connect after this date will not be eligible for a subsidy.

What will the water pressure be like? Pressure at the boundary will be around 400Kpa, which is similar to the water pressure delivered from domestic water pumps in Rongotea.

What happens to my existing water tank? We recommend existing water tanks are retained for managing stormwater runoff.

Will the water be fluoridated? No, only chlorine will be dosed, which is needed to keep the reticulation free of bugs.