District Development

Council aims to build a strong and vibrant community.  We do this by supporting community groups, activities and events, and by ensuring our regional economy can support and enhance our quality of life.  There are several activities of Council that contribute to this including:

Community Development

Council supports community development by providing funding for community groups to deliver services and events that enhance community wellbeing. This includes providing support through grant funding for a number of community organisations, providing rates relief for others and administering funding from sources including Creative Communities and trust funds. 

Economic Development

The Economic Development activity of Council aims to ensure a healthy district economy able to provide employment opportunities. This activity includes funding to achieve:

  • Promotion of the district
  • Encouragement of business development
  • Identification and encouragement of employment opportunities
  • Facilitation of public information services.

Together with Palmerston North City Council as a partner, we have contracts with Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) to deliver activities that promote economic development.

Interested in knowing more about the economy of the Manawatu District? We have a web-based economic profile which is a tool for visualising economic data

Strategic and Corporate Planning

The overall objective of this activity is the development and implementation of Council's strategic and corporate planning framework, including the production of the Long Term Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Report in compliance with the Local Government Act 2002.