District Plan and Planning Documents

District Plan

The District Plan has been operative since 1 December 2002. District Plans, which are a legal requirement under the Resource Management Act, place controls on land use and subdivisions. They specify particular environmental outcomes that Council should aim for.

This document contains the District Plan's policies and rules. The accompanying document contains a series of planning maps. Hard copies of both documents can be purchased from the Council.

Important Notice For All District Plan Users

Plan Change 52 is 'operative' from 11 September 2017 - for information on PC52 Industrial Zone please click here.

Notification of Decisions on Plan Changes 55 and 60, 1 May 2017

Please check Plan Changes 55 and 60 Decision documents for provisions that must be treated as legally operative pursuant to Section 86F of the Resource Management Act 1991. Three appeals have been received on Plan Change 55, click here for more information.

Please contact Council's consent planners on (06) 323 000 to confirm the status of Plan Changes 55 and 60 provisions as they apply to your development or activity.

Updated: 31 August 2017

District Plan - Complete (24MB PDF Files)

Feilding Town Centre - Zone Maps (980KB PDF Files)

Industrial Area - Zone Maps (6.5MB PDF Files)

District Plan - Zone Maps (10MB PDF Files)

(Important Note: The Planning Maps which apply to the Feilding Town Centre have been updated. For the most recent zone information please refer to the Feilding Town Centre Maps above).

FAQs for The District Plan

Information about proposed changes to the Manawatu District Plan

Information about adopted changes to the Manawatu District Plan

State of the Environment

The Council also monitors the state of the environment in the District, click here to view the State of the Environment Report.