Manawatu District Plan Changes

This page contains information about the Manawatu District Plan - Council initiated and private plan changes. A plan change involves changes to an Operative District Plan. Council can initiate a plan change or an individual can request a private plan change.

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The plan change process

An outline of how the plan change process works is as follows:

  1. The council publically notifies the plan change by putting a notice in the newspaper, on the council website and/or by sending directly affected parties information in the mail. Members of the public are then able to make a written submission to the council supporting or opposing the proposed plan change.
  2. The council prepares a summary of all submissions received and makes them publically available on this page. Members of the public can then make further submissions that either supports or oppose an original submission.
  3. If any submitter asks to be heard in support of their written submission, the council holds a hearing to consider the submissions and hear any evidence that supports them.
  4. Council then makes a decision on submissions and evidence presented at the hearing, informs the submitters of the outcome in a letter and in a public notice in the newspaper.
  5. Appeals to the decisions can be lodged with the Environment Court within 30 working days. The proposed plan change becomes fully operative after the council has made its decision and all appeals, if there are any, have been resolved.

The following table contains the plan changes that have completed the Schedule 1 process. For information on recently notified Plan Changes click here

Number Description Status Documents
Plan Change 55
District Wide Rules
Introduces a new Chapter bringing together all the information and provisions relating to Network Utilities, Transportation, Earthworks, Noise, Signage, Temporary Activities and Relocated Buildings. These provisions apply District-wide.

Important Note: Exclusions: The Manawatu District Plan has been annotated to identify the provisions of Plan Change 55 which area excluded from becoming operative under Clause 20 of the RMA; namely those provisions that remain subject to Environment Court Appeals (3A Network Utilities).
In Part
Operative Public Notice (50KB)

Operative Plan Change 2018 (18.7MB)

Environment Court Consent Orders:
 • Housemovers (2.5MB)
 • Powerco / Transpower (3.1MB)

Environment Court Minute (330KB)

Commissioner's Decision (4MB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report (4.6MB)
Consequential changes to the Plan (2016):
 • Part A (1.6MB)
 • Part B (2.7MB)
 • Part C (10MB)
 • Part D (12MB)
Plan Change 52
Industrial Zone
Addresses issues with existing industrial zoned land and rezones some additional land at Kawakawa Road. Operative
Operative Public Notice (80KB)

Operative Plan Change (2MB)

Operative Maps (8MB)

Commissioner's Decision (1.9MB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report (3.8MB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report Maps (6MB)
Plan Change 46 Feilding Town Centre including the business zoning provisions and historic built heritage. Also including new Chapters 1 (Introduction) and 2 (Definitions), Chapter 4 Historic Heritage and Schedule 4a - Significant Historic Built Heritage - Feilding Town Centre), Chapter 10 (Business) and Appendix 10a: Feilding Town Centre Design Guidelines. Operative
Operative Public Notice (260KB)

Operative Plan Change (4MB)

Operative Maps (17MB)

Heritage Inventory - Feilding Town Centre (5.3MB)

Environment Court Consent Order (175KB)

Commissioners Decision (1.6MB)
Plan Change 45 The purpose of Plan Change 45 is to manage residential growth in Feilding and introduce a more directive approach to coordinate urban development in and on the periphery of Feilding. Plan Change 45 rezones three of the five growth areas identified in the Framework Plan from rural land to residential land. Two Residential (Deferred) Zones are proposed for parts of the three growth areas. Operative
Public Notice (190KB)

Operative Plan Change 45 (10.6MB)

Operative Maps (12.2MB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report (930KB)

Feilding Growth Plan Change (1MB)

Appendix 2B1 Feilding Growth Road Cross Sections (490KB)

Subdivision Design Guide (6MB)

Precinct 1 Structure Plan (1.3MB)

Precinct 2 Structure Plan (1.4MB)

Precinct 3 Structure Plan (415KB)

Final MWH Report (12.3MB)
Plan Change 35
Manfeild Park rezoning to “Manfeild Park Zone” and “Special Development Zone” Operative
Operative Public Notice (30KB)

Amendments to the Operative Manawatu District Plan (2MB)
Plan Change 50 Align roading hierarchy in the Manawatu District Plan with the Regional land Transport Strategy 2010 - 2040 Operative
Operative Public Notice (90KB)

Council Officer's Hearing Report (1.8MB)

Commissioner's Decision (210KB)
Plan Change 36 Consideration of the maximum timeframe for temporary buildings Operative
Operative Public Notice (325KB)

Amendments to the Operative Manawatu District Plan (670KB)
Plan Change 37 Clarity and consistency in the approach to relocated buildings throughout the District
Plan Change 38 Consideration of the side and rear yard exceptions within Residential and Village Zone
Plan Change 39 Derelict vehicles visible from neighbouring properties and public places
Plan Change 40 Consideration of the provisions relating to family flats
Plan Change 41 Landscaping requirement for the Industrial Zone to ensure consistency throughout the District Plan
Plan Change 42 Consideration of the building setbacks applying to milking sheds and pens housing animals in the rural and Flood channel Zones
Plan Change 44 Removal of District Plan provisions relating to the keeping of bees and poultry. These provisions will be incorporated in the review of the Manawatu District bylaw

All documents on this page are in PDF format Adobe Document

For further information about the submission process, you may find the following link to the Ministry for the Environment website useful -

Enquiries about any of the above Plan Changes can be made to one of our Policy Planners, phone (06) 323 0000.

Private Plan Changes

Information about Private Plan changes