Te Ahu a Turanga: Manawatu-Tararua Highway

The New Zealand Transport Agency is seeking to designate land to accommodate a new state highway connection to replace the closed State Highway 3 Manawatu Gorge route.


This corridor crosses the Ruahine Ranges immediately north of the Manawatu Gorge and south of the Saddle Road.

The new 11.5km long road will include roundabout connections with State Highway 57 south of Ashhurst and with State Highway 3 west of Woodville. The road is proposed to have two lanes in each direction over the majority of the route, separated by a median strip. There will be a new bridge crossing the Manawatu River, a number of structures crossing unnamed streams, and property access underpasses.

A full copy of the application can be found on NZTA's website

Manawatu District Council, Palmerston North City Council and Tararua District Council invited submissions under Section 169(1) of the Resource Management Act in November and December 2018. 741 submissions were received, to view these submissions, please contact the project administrator to request access to Kath.Olliver@pncc.govt.nz .

Next Steps

A Hearings Panel of independent commissioners have been appointed by Manawatu District Council, Palmerston North City Council and Tararua District Council to hear the positions of the applicant, submitters and Councils Reporting Planners evidence.

The Role of the Hearings Panel is to make a recommendation to the New Zealand Transport Agency on whether it thinks the designation should be confirmed in the district plan (with or without modification to conditions proposed) or be withdrawn.

For all information relating to the Hearing of the Notice of Requirement, including Hearing dates/time, location and procedures for a Hearing can be found here.