Current Projects

The Infrastructure group has a number of projects or bodies of work in progress throughout the year. Read below or click the links at the bottom for more information on some of these projects.

Sanson Water Treatment Plant Reservoir

Work is expected to be completed on the new Sanson reservoir, located behind the swimming pool in Fagan Street, by the end of March 2018. This new reservoir will ultimately provide all of the storage for the Sanson water supply. Contractors are currently in the process of constructing the foundation for the reservoir. Following completion of the foundation the reservoir will begin to be pieced together and raised into place. The finished reservoir will be approximately 9.5m in diameter, 10.0m tall and hold 420,000 litres of water.

Almadale Chemical Tank Replacement

The Fluoride storage tank at the Feilding Almadale Water Treatment Plant is at its end of life and requires renewing to maintain security of the chemical. As part of the replacement we are also taking the opportunity to paint the bund area around the tank with a special chemical resistant product.

Port Street stormwater

Port Street East is an integral part of the Precinct 4 urban development area, currently experiencing significant subdivision growth and lodgement consent applications for further development.

Stage 1: Urban Profile Roading Reconstruction of Port Street East (Stage 1) comprising 400m in length from Pharazyn Street to Oranga Lane, including watermain, street lighting and utilities future proofing.

Stage 2: Services Installation of deep trunk sewer and stormwater mains to cater for current uptake and projected growth, along the full extent of Port Street East (Stages 1, 2 and 3 – Pharazyn Street to Makino Stream end) and a partial leg into Churcher Street as far as Astrada Court.

Satori Way stormwater infrastructure upgrade

This project provides for the:

  • investigation of stormwater flooding in the area bounded by Satori Way, Awahuri Road and Ursula Drive
  • provide solutions in terms of stormwater collection and disposal utilities systems to cope with discharges
  • improving existing stormwater network on Satori Way and Awahuri Road by extending existing pipe network and kerb and channel.

Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Information about the upgrade and improvements to produce a better quality of treated effluent for the District

Himatangi Beach Community Sewerage Scheme

A wastewater reticulation and treatment system is being installed at Himatangi Beach