Himatangi Beach Community Sewerage Scheme

Scheme Progress

Construction of the scheme is now complete with approximately 300 properties connected to the scheme. The treated wastewater is being used to irrigate pastures surrounding the new Himatangi Beach WWTP.

Home Owners Manuals

A reminder of a few important Do’s and Don’ts are listed below:

»  In the event of a pump station alarm sounding or other problem with the new system please turn off the alarm and call the MDC contact centre on 06 323 0000. During an alarm event or power cut please minimise your water usage.

»  Items not to be flushed down your drain: cooking fat, food scraps, nappies, sanitary products, plastics, clothes including pantyhose and socks, rags, kitty litter, flammable materials, lubricating oils or greases, strong chemicals, seafood shells, gravel or sand including aquarium stone, glass or metal, rope.

»  If your property is going to be left empty for more than 2 days please flush your system with clean bath water for 10 minutes to prevent odours building up in the pump sump.

New Connections

Property owners who want to connect to the sewerage scheme should contact the Council’s Infrastructure team on 06 323 0000. They will advise you on how your property would be connected to the scheme.

There is a capital contribution payable per dwelling. In addition, connected properties will also be charged an annual sewerage rate. Please refer to our fee and charges for current rates, these charges are reviewed annually on 1 July.

Wastewater Rates

Wastewater rates are levied on all properties connected to a Council operated sewerage scheme The rate is harmonised on a district wide basis meaning all connected properties pay the same amount.


Refunds for properties where the power for the pumps is supplied from the household supply will be made after 1 July.