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The aim of the Roading network is to provide safe and convenient transportation in the district. Council has statutory obligations under the Land Transport Management Act 2003 to maintain a roading network within the district. An effective roading network is also essential to ensuring the economic and social wellbeing of the community through the provision of access and mobility for people, goods and services 

The Manawatu District spans 2,531 square kilometres from Rangiwahia in the North and Himatangi in the South. The roading network comprises of 1342 kilometres of roads and 240 bridges to enable transportation and access throughout the district.

A  total of 958 kilometres (71%) of the roading network is sealed.  

Other Services

The Manawatu Roading network includes footpaths, carparks and streetlights. Responsibility is also taken for road-side mowing, weed control, roadmarking and Traffic Signs. State highways through the district are operated and maintained by New Zealand Transport Agency.


Traffic management

Traffic movement is provided through intersection controls, signs and markings. Most moderately trafficked sealed roads wider than 5m have markings to guide traffic and these are repainted regularly to maintain clarity. Signage is provided where appropriate, e.g., generally more on higher trafficked roads and intersections.


Corridor Access Requests


Submissions for permission to access Council’s road corridor can be submitted online via the Submitica portal.


Stormwater control is provided to minimise the effects of stormwater runoff and 90% of their waterway area clear of debris.


All areas are maintained clear of debris, litter and other unsightly material.  Litter control is carried out daily in central business districts (CBD) to monthly on rural roads. Litter bins are placed in high pedestrian areas, such as shopping centres, and are emptied at least twice weekly. 


The vegetation is trimmed to enure that the road corridor is free of obstructions, has good visibility and is free of seedlings and plant pests.



  • Sealed Road Maintenance  
 2012/22 - $1.2 - $1.7 million p/a
  • Unsealed Road Maintenance
 2012/22 - $218,000 - $293,000 p/a
  • Environmental Maintenance
 2012/22 - $664,000 - $892,000 p/a
  • Drainage Maintenance
 2012/22 - $204,000 - $275,000 p/a
  • Structure Maintenance
 2012/22 - $311,000 - $418,000 p/a
  • Traffic Services
 2012/22 - $570,000 – $766,000 p/a
  • Network and Asset Management
 2012/22 - $617,000 - $829,000 p/a

Renewals/Capital Work:

Pavement Rehabilitation

  • 2012/22 – $3.2 million to $4.2 million p/a
  • 2012/13 – 13.02km of identified pavement work (Forward Works Programme)
  • 2012/14 - 10.3km of identified pavement work (Forward Works Programme)
  • 2014/15 - of identified pavement work (Forward Works Programme)                                                                                                                

Re-surfacing Sealed Roads                

  • 2012/22– 85 - 90km, $2.4 million- $3.2 million p/a

Footpath Renewals                              

  • 2012/22 – 1.7km, $180,000 - $245,000 p/a

Minor Improvements (Safety)                

  • 2012/22 - $540,000 - $726,000 p/a

Between 2017 and 2019 up to $ 5.3 million of expenditure is planned in order to replace the one-lane bridge on Ruahine Road. This is a project undertaken in collaboration with Rangitikei District Council, with the cost shared equally between both councils. (Existing Level of Service)

Sealing of Main South Road:

Council in 2011/12, commenced the 8km seal extension of Main South Road. the works were scheduled over 3 years but good weather will see a completion by July 2013.The works are broken into 2 stages with stage 1 (4km) already sealed. The remainder is under contruction. Council made the decision to seal this portion of the road in light of the economic potential of the northern part of the district. This project envisages a tourist and cycling route through northern Manawatu.

Denbigh Street Urban Reconstruction:

In 2010/11 Council commenced the reconstruction of the full length of Denbigh Street. New services and renewal of existing services, has combined with a lowered road formation to provide a urban street fitting of its road function and residential location. The final stage to North Street is under construction and due for completion by July 2013.

Sealing of Main South Road:

CBD Redevelopment:

Council has set aside $1.3m for the following major projects within the CBD:

  • Kimbolton Road (Manchester to Warwick Street) 
 $311,218 2013/14
  • Fergusson Street (Aorangi Street to Stafford Street)
 $293,984 2014/15
  • Stafford Street (Bowen Street to Eyre Street)
 $110,738 2014/15
  • Manchester Street (Fergusson Street to Eyre Street)
 $342,570 2016/17
  • Bowen Street (Warwick Street to Stafford Street)
 $146,931 2017/18
  • Warwick Street (Bowen Street to Fergusson Street)
 $121,381 2018/19

The Level of Service we are planning for

  • 80% satisfaction with roading network
  • 95% satisifed with parking provisions
  • 80% of weather events (floods and slips, or emergency incidents) responded to within 30 minutes of initial call to Council
  • Less than 5% of properties that have experienced interruption to road access for more than 12hrs per annum
  • 100% Customer requests for services are attended to with agreed timeframes

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