Stormwater and Drainage

Open Stormwater drain Stormwater drain

Manawatu District Council administers urban stormwater drainage schemes in Feilding, Rongotea and Sanson. Feilding has the most extensive piped stormwater network, with the smaller urban schemes consisting of a mixture of open drains, channels and piped sections. Most urban properties are provided with a stormwater connection to the kerb and channel or the adjacent roadside drain. Stormwater run-off from the road surface also drains to the stormwater drainage schemes. All stormwater eventually discharges into a stream or river within the District.

Four rural land drainage schemes operate under the “umbrella” of the District Council – Bainesse, Maire, Makowhai and Oroua Downs. The principal function of the land drainage schemes is to ensure that the productive capacity of land in the low-lying areas of the District is maximised and maintained through efficient drainage. The drains concerned, whilst carrying some "stormwater" element, are primarily designed to deal with ground water.

Urban Stormwater Schemes

  • Pipe locations on request
  • Stormwater connection pipes are provided from the property boundary to the stormwater drainage scheme, upon payment of the necessary fee.
  • Residential properties can discharge an unlimited volume of stormwater via their connection
  • Open drains are progressively being upgraded and piped where communities are prepared to meet the associated costs
  • Stormwater system capacity may be limited due to pipe sizes and catchment characteristics, but is designed to minimise significant nuisance

Rural Land Drainage Schemes

  • The Council provides administrative, management and engineering support through the collection of rates and liaison with the farming committees and land owners over drain clearing/maintenance
  • Private contractors, engaged on behalf of the farming committees, generally undertake maintenance works on an as required basis

Levels of Service we are planning for

  • No residential dwellings flooded in a 1 year event
  • No urban roads that are closed by flooding during an annual storm event


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