Trade Waste

Manawatu District Council manages the wastewater system so that all liquid waste from premises (Residential, Commercial and Industrial) can be safely transported, treated and disposed of.

Definition of Trade Waste

Trade waste is the liquid discharged into the wastewater system from a trade (commercial and Industrial premise. Trade waste can contain a number of substances which could be detrimental to health and safety of wastewater personnel, the sewerage system, treatment plant processes and the environment.

Trade Waste Bylaw

The local Government Act 2002 Part 8 empowers councils to make a trade waste bylaw. Manawatu District Council has a trade waste bylaw which sets out the conditions under which the council accepts discharge of trade waste into the wastewater system.

Managing Trade Waste

Manawatu District Council manages trade waste discharge to:

  • Protect health and safety of all people working in the wastewater system
  • Protect the receiving waters from harmful and toxic substances originating from trade waste discharge
  • Protect the waste water networks and treatment plant
  • Assist the council’s wastewater processing operations to produce effluent and biosolids of acceptable quality
  • Encourage waste minimisation, water conservation and cleaner production
  • Allow recovery of reasonable costs
  • Allow for the allocation of a wastewater systems capacity including determination of further optimisation and development
  • Assist Manawatu District Council to meet relevant regulations and standards

Affected Businesses

Most commercial, manufacturing, or trade businesses that discharge to the city’s wastewater system will need to apply to the Manawatu District Council for a ‘Trade Waste Permit’

Businesses that may be affected include:

  • Manufacturers - Food, Chemical, Industrial
  • Laundries and Drycleaners
  • Hairdressers
  • Dentists
  • Food premises
  • Doctors surgeries and Medical centres
  • Hospitals, nursing or rest homes
  • Liquid waste contractors
  • Printing
  • Educational & Research institutes
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Mechanical workshops


Manawatu District Council’s wastewater system was designed to handle domestic wastewater. The unpredictable nature of trade waste has a significant impact on the wastewater system and its operational cost. There is a user pays charging system for trade waste discharge. The cost will depend on the characteristics and volume of the discharge.


Trade waste permit is the agreement between the council and the owner/occupier of the trade waste discharging premises to the wastewater system subject to terms and conditions of the permit.

Document Downloads

For further information regarding trade waste, please contact the Trade Waste Officer on 06 323 0000.