Manawatu District Council wastewater service provides for the safe and reliable collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater (sewage) from residential, industry and commercial properties in the district.  Monitoring and research, policy planning and advocacy of issues relating to wastewater are amongst the issues that the wastewater services cover.

Lateral pipes connect the house drains at the property boundary to the sewer main pipes in the street. Sewer main pipes and pump stations convey the wastewater to the treatment plant in each location. The wastewater is treated and then discharged to land or waterways.

Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant Feilding Wastewater Treatment Plant

We collect, treat and dispose of wastewater from the following urban areas:

  • Feilding
  • Sanson
  • Halcombe
  • Rongotea
  • Kimbolton
  • Cheltenham
  • Awahuri

The Level of Service we are planning for

  • 95% of customers satisfied with their wastewater services
  • 95% of urban residences within connection distance of a sewer lateral
  • Wastewater services are provided at the agreed level of service for the lowest possible cost
  • 100% of affected users given 24 hours notice given of planned shutdowns
  • 90% of complaints or issues responded to within 2 hours
  • Wastewater systems have minimal impact on the environment.
  • 100% of resource consent conditions met

Monitoring the Service

  • Comply with Ministry of Health requirements
  • Comply with discharge resource consent conditions
  • No unauthorised discharges from the wastewater reticulation systems


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