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Community Reticulation:

Manawatu District Council provides five community water reticulation schemes:

  • Feilding
  • Himatangi Beach
  • Sanson
  • Stanway/Halcombe (Rural Water Scheme)
  • Waituna West  (Rural Water Scheme).                           

 Manawatu District Council also manages two Rural Water Supply Schemes that are community operated and administered:

  • Kiwitea
  • Oroua No:1

Fire fighting capability is managed in defined areas, namely Feilding and Himatangi Beach.

Water Supply Management includes:

  • Abstraction: Surface water (river) or bore
  • Treatment: Carious levels of treatment processes across the district
  • Storage: Varying ranges across the schemes
  • Distribution: Reticulation networks include trunk mains, service mains, rider mains and property connections including values, mainifolds and meters

Manawatu District Council also carries out a programme of routine operations and maintenance of the treatment assets and reticulation networks. There is an annual network renewal programme to replace aged and poorly performing pipelines. The key focus for 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 is the replacement of cast iron pipelines (installed 80-100 years ago)


Major projects planned over the next three years to maintain service levels are: 

  • Renewal of Ageing Assets: $1.5m for each of the first three years of the LTP.
  • Metering and Backflow Protection: Council seeks on going improvements to the monitoring of water use and the protection of water reticulation from pollution at the Feilding Water Scheme.
  • Investigate creation of even reticulation pressure zones. 
  • New Reticulation Work: Council plans to install new reticulation in various parts of the District. The purpose of this is to cater for population growth and will be funded by development contributions.
  • Installation of a standby bore at Himatangi Beach in 2015.
  • An asset structure plan is being developed to support growth in alignment with the Urban Growth Strategy.
  • The existing Stanway/Halcombe scheme is fully subscribed. Work is being done on flow modelling of the system to ascertain the viability of an extension of the current service.
  • Himatangi Beach water storage reservoir.
  • Rongotea water scheme, subject to final approval of  the $2.1m Ministry of Health subsidy.

In addition, Council has the following two Rural Water Supply Schemes that are community operated and administered, Kiwitea and Oroua No.1

In all schemes, the Council aim is to provide water to New Zealand Drinking Water Standards within the statutory timeframes or earlier if practical


The Level of Service we are planning for

  • 100% of urgent requests for service responded to within one day (dirty, cloudy, smelly, bad tasting water, or no water at all)
  • No customer was without water for more than 8 hours
  • There will be no disruptions without 24 hours notice
  • Water supply in Feilding complies with New Zealand Fire Service Fire Fighting Water Supplies Code of Practice
  • 100% of water extraction meets or exceeds resource consent requirements
  • New domestic connections will be installed within 10 working days of receipt of payment


Monitoring the Service

The water supplies are continuously monitored to ensure they continue to function and produce water to the relevant standards. This is done through:

  • Continuous telemetry monitoring of key parameters
  • Testing of water quality from daily to monthly depending on the scheme being tested.
  • Formal monthly audit of operations
  • Ministry of Health audit (at least every 5 years)
  • 65% of district residents served by a Council treated water supply will be satisfied with the water supply, as indicated in a community survey conducted during the year
  • Public Health Risk Management Plans (PHRMP) for all water schemes to be developed and implemented within statutory timeframes.

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